Under the direction of the supervisor, this unit provides administrative support for academic student affairs. It provides detailed information and explanations to students on policies and academic regulations, verifies, processes and approves documents related to admissions, registration, graduation and submission of grades. The unit also informs students and resolves problems in relation to their files.

This unit also obtains and compiles grades, completes and verifies lists of examination results. It selects and adapts the calculation formula according to the grading system given by the institute. The unit also verifies and corrects transcripts, identifies and verifies files of graduating students.


This unit is also responsible for admissions. Its job includes serving as a source of information for potential applicants and helping them with the admissions process. Prospective students contact our admission officers for information regarding the institute school and its offerings. This section is also responsible for approaching and corresponding with potential students, giving presentations at high schools, or creating brochures and documents providing information about the institute.

Department Staff

Mrs N Mjanja

ND Library & Infor scie (Byo Poly)

Mr T Kunedzimwe

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