As old as the college itself, in the middle of the institution stands the core of the institution’s resource centre, the Beit Library. It  has a seating capacity of 184 users. The library prides itself of a strong information base of approximately 50 000 volumes of printed material. The library is also heavily invested in e-learning  which enables users to access relevant study material on the internet, thus providing for a personal interface learning process.

Our Library is responsible for selecting, acquiring and cataloging library resources, and ensuring that library provision meets the needs of members of our academic community including students, researchers and lecturing staff. The department works hand in hand with the IT department in the implementation of library systems and specialist computer applications at the convenience of readers. It also seeks to promote the institute’s library resources to users. Our Chief librarian manages the library staff, including recruitment, training and supervisory duties.

Department Staff

Mrs O Ncube

BSc Hons Lib & Infor Scie (ZOU), HND Lib & Infor scie (Hre Poly), ND Infor Scie (Byo Poly)

Mr N Moyo

ND Info Scie  (Byo Poly), NC Infor Scie (Hre Poly)

Miss T Khabo

NC Library & Infor Scie (Byo Poly), Cert Office Prac (Byo Poly),Typing  Cert(Foundation)

Miss N Mpofu

NFC Computer Operations and Packages (Sikhulile High)

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