Human Resources

The primary responsibility of our human resources department is to keep the institute staffed appropriately at all times. This includes employee recruitment, selection and retention. Our department strives to recruit quality employees, select the best for the available positions and then develop policies that retain great workers. Retention policies include providing adequate compensation, training programs and competitive benefits packages. When an employee leaves, the human resources department conducts exit interviews to assess the employee’s reasons for leaving in order to create better retention policies

The human resources department also keeps track of changes in employment laws and applies them appropriately. These include tax regulations, health insurance requirements, overtime laws, unemployment restrictions, family and medical leave policies and safety regulations. The develop and update employee handbooks and official policy lists as necessary to comply with changes in the law. The department works for the best interest of both the employees and the company, striving to create a safe workplace and handling employee disputes as required.

Department Staff

Ms P Nyamwena

Head of Human Resources

Mr S Mukura

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