The Academic Board

The Academic Board is the think tank of the college.  It is the academic authority of the college and is  responsible for policy formulation affecting courses of study among other functions.

United College Of Education (UCE)

The Finance Committee

It is responsible for the management of the college’s finances.


The College Disciplinary Committee

The committee is responsible for the maintenance of good discipline in the college. The committee consists of  four senior staff  members appointed  by the  Principal, one of which is the Vice  Principal and a nominee of  the student representative body of  the college.

The College Advisory Council

The objective of this council is to advise the college on various issues:-

  • administrative and non administrative
  • fundraising for all college projects
  • image building
  • investment opportunities
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP).

The HIV, AIDS and Health Workplace Committee

The UCE HIV, AIDS and Health Workplace Policy is an intervention that seeks to provide a framework in which the college health and  safety related issues in the workplace as well as building a culture of compassion and caring

The Research Committee

The Research Committee (RC) is an important component   of the    college system responsible for the professional development of  lecturers and dissemination of knowledge  to both students and  lecturers. Major functions of the RC   are to initiate, organize, promote and co-ordinate all research activities by students and lecturers.


Tertiary Institutions Festival of Arts in Zimbabwe (TIFAZ) Committee

The TIFAZ Committee is responsible for coordinating preparations for the participation of the annual Tertiary Institutions Festival of Arts in Zimbabwe which attracts 13 teachers’ colleges and six polytechnics who would be contesting in various arts categories including visual arts, dance, modelling and choral music.


Open Day Operations Committee

The college holds an Open Day annually as part of the  initiative by the Ministry of  Higher and Tertiary Education to bring the activities of colleges to the door- step of operating partners likes schools, school-leavers and the general community. Through the activities held on Open Days, the college  presents  to the public its brand  of products as a way of advertising, informing and creating opportunities for prospective students to enquire on minimum requirements for enrolment.


Research and Intellectual Expo College Committee

The RIE committee is mandated to research on educational issues and market college programmes and activities. The  committee’s major function is to organize, promote and  coordinate all research and marketing activities at the national exhibition.

United College Of Education (UCE)

Distance Education Committee

The Distance Education Committee (DEC) is an important  cog-wheel in the college machinery in charge of  implementing the 2-5-2 teacher-education programme  which  was introduced to conventional teachers’ colleges     in 2002. The DEC constitutes of the chairperson and secretary, which are two elective offices and all Heads Of Subjects (HOSs), who are co-opted members. Major functions of  the DEC are to initiate, promote and co- ordinate all distance education activities run at college which include;-

  • production of distance education materials e.g. modules, handouts, assignments and communication of relevant information;
  • organize vacation schools for students on teaching practice;
  • organize workshops

Sports Committee

The committee is involved in identifying talented students who can represent the college at intercollegiate sports meets and to strengthen sports by organizing inter-class and inter-college activities. It also arranges sports events for teaching and non-teaching staff of the college.

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