UCE continues to cater for the marginalised

Addressing guests and 422 graduates at the college’s 47th graduation, the college Principal, Mr Adam Luthuli said his college was working towards championing the rights of people living with disabilities and the marginalised through teacher education

“As an institution, we uphold the fact that college education is not a preserve of the “able” individuals but for all Zimbabwean citizens, including the disabled and marginalised.

“We’ve on record 26 disabled students enrolled in this institution. In the coming intake we’ve since offered places to 25 people with disabilities some of whom use wheelchairs,” said Luthuli.

He said his institution had since established an Inclusive Education Empowerment Resource Centre which offers services to all students with disabilities.

Luthuli thanked the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development for a $40,000 grant for the acquisition of assistive devices for students with disabilities.

Guest of honour, Deputy Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Godfrey Gandawa said there was a need to increase the enrolment of teachers who cater for pupils with special needs.

“The sanctity of the teaching process demands that all pupils including children with special needs must receive an education that enables them to achieve to their potential.

All our graduates need to practise an inclusive education system that enables all children to have access to available educational support in line with their needs,” said Gandawa.

The deputy minister said in line with Zim-Asset, teacher training institutions must not only focus on human capital but quality teachers who can adapt to the ever changing technological environment.
“It’s my ministry’s vision to have both highly effective and versatile teachers in the system because a teacher can be highly qualified but not be effective. Therefore, I challenge you to ensure not just the production of human capital but adaptable products that can fit into the general society,” said Gandawa.

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