UCE introduces Computer Science as a main study subject

UCE has of this year introduced Computer Science as one of the main study subjects. The aim of Main Study is to produce a student who is knowledgeable and skilled in the operations of a particular subject at a higher level , that is, at first year university level, so that they are able to act as resource persons and offer a more specialized services in the schools. The course is offered for the pre-service programme.  Students are expected to choose one subject for specialization of which only Humanities, Languages, Practical Subjects and Sciences were available.

This Computer Science syllabus is designed for post ‘O’ Level pre-service students pursuing a three-year teacher education course. It follows the 2-5-2 model of training, that is, first two terms at college, five terms on Teaching Practice, and the final two terms at college. The syllabus intends to broaden and enhance the students’ understanding of the application of Computer Science concepts in the teaching and learning environment.

The course aims to introduce students to the design and implementation of computer information systems and architecture. It also seeks to equip students with knowledge and skills of computer communication systems, developing in students an understanding of Windows based programming. The course will empower students with creative problem solving skills and inculcate in students programme designing skills.

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