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Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council is the main body. It functions as the link between students and the College Administration. It is elected by the student body in linewith the Students Representative Council Constitution. The council consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer and Chairpersons of the following committees:

Library, Food, Academic, Entertainment, Christian Union, Health, Sports and Fundraising Committee.

 Co-curricular Activities

The various committees that fall under the Student Representative Council play host to various co-curricular activities.

  • Sports Committee– organizes teams from the student body to partake in soccer, netball, volley ball, athletics,            darts, chess and others. At national         level, the teams participate in ZITCOSA and ZITISU games.
  • Entertainment Committee – organizes disco shows, late nights, beauty contests among other activities for the students.
  • Christian Union Committee – organizes prayer sessions at college and also organizes exchange visits with sister institutions as they gather for prayer sessions.
  • Academic Committee – organizes and assists in running study groups for students. The committee also plans and conducts debates and late night sessions.