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Student Health Care

The demands on student health centers are greater and more complex than ever. More students today come to campus with significant health needs, including mental health challenges. And many need help managing serious conditions like asthma, eating disorders, addiction and physical disabilities.

Young adults are at a critical juncture in development. As they learn to manage their own health and health care with less parental oversight, they are forming habits that will affect well-being, learning, and personal and career fulfillment over a lifetime.

For the above reasons the college has a clinic that caters for the students’ health. The clinic is manned by a qualified nurse who is resident on campus. The nurse is on duty for twenty-four hours. The clinic is for both resident and non-resident students. Students report to the clinic any minute when a need arises. Some of the services offered at the clinic are as follows

Primary Health Care: We provide accessible, high quality, comprehensive medical care for students during their time at UCE

Counselling and Wellness: Short term individual counselling, group counselling and self-improvement classes.

Nutrition: Counselling for students with nutritional concerns as well as other medically diagnosed conditions.

Physical Therapy: Specializes in rehabilitation for performance and sports injuries, orthopedic disorders and traumatic injuries.