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Meet the Accountant

Mrs S.Dube


The accountant serves a number of roles in the institute, from overseeing the preparation of all financial documents to implementing financial strategies created by management and partaking in investment decisions for the institute. Our Accountant sits in the senior management team to play an integral part in developing our long-term goals. She plays a key role in strategic planning because of her unique perspective on the financial impact of future plans.

In addition to having a first-hand view of all the institute’s financial transactions, debt and earnings ratings and strategic goals, our Accountant interacts with most department heads and other key employees of the institute. She boasts effective communication skills that translate beyond her immediate financial staff to relay the institute’s objectives to the entire staff as well as being able to translate complicated financial terms to board members.

Our Accountant makes sure that the institute is in compliance with internal and external financial obligations. Payroll taxes, profit/loss statements and insurance requisites must be kept up-to-date. Timely payments to our suppliers can have a dramatic impact on the institute’s ability to maintain inventory. Additionally, the chief accountant usually controls annual or quarterly audits of the company books and various department ledgers or coordinates with outside auditors to perform the duties.