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Inclusive Resource Centre

Over the years, studies in child development, sociology, and special education have led enlightened educators to the conclusion that the disabled children grow, flourish, and achieve greater self and social fulfilment by being nurtured in the least restrictive environment. Through local education, supported by well-prepared specialists in education of the blind, these children may enjoy every day common experiences essential to the development of a keen awareness of the realities of the world around them. It is to this end that UCE launched the Inclusive Resource center, a center within our premises furnished with learning aides for the disabled.

We center helps us to prepare specialized teachers to serve as resource persons, to prepare special materials, as required, and to provide special instruction in those skills peculiar to blindness such as Braille reading and writing, use of reader services, auditory perceptual training and orientation and mobility. Our current students with disabilities will also use the facilities at the center to aid their studies.