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Co-operating Partners


VVOB is our Co-operating Partner which helps the college in running successful workshops both within and out the college for the benefit of students and staff.

National Aids Council (NAC)

It is the national coordinating body for all HIV and AIDS issues. UCE is one of the implementing partners for HIV and AIDS programmes under NAC’s Bulawayo North District. Our strategic area is Prevention. The programmes        are much inclined to the youth in tertiary institutions and workplace for the members of staff.

Population Services International (PSI)

It offers free voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) to the whole college Community.  PSI provides information as well as education and communication materials (IEC). It also supplies the college with both female and male condoms.

Bulawayo Blood Transfusion Services

Requests for free donations of blood from the college community. Advises donors on anomalies that might be found in their blood. This then assists the affected donor to seek early consultation on the condition and medical help if need be.