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The role of the Chaplaincy is to help deepen the spiritual and ethical life of the campus. We provide students, faculty, and staff with opportunities to explore the integral relationship between faith and learning, connecting the work of the mind with the heart and soul. We serve people of all faiths as well as those exploring spirituality in their lives.

There is no resident Chaplain on campus. However, there is a chapel, a unique building bringing together the many faith groups represented on campus and in the wider community.  Built in 1969, it consists of a spacious congregational room that can accommodate 60 people and two side rooms that can be used as meditation rooms. The chapel and its meditation rooms are always open and available for private prayers and meditation round the clock.

The College Christian Union, which is interdenominational, meets with counterparts from sister institutions and regularly organizes prayer retreats. The Christian Union convenes for Bible sharing at the college’s main campus every week on Wednesdays between 1900 hours and 2130 hours. Chaplains from various institutions around Bulawayo are invited to come and share religious issues with the student body on this day. It is also during these meetings that members discuss their challenges and offer each other relevant solutions.