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UCE Intensifies the enrolment of minority languages

UCE Intensifies the enrolment of minority languages

THE United College of Education has intensified the enrolment of minority languages students including TjiKalanga and Tonga as well as Special Needs Education students to promote cultural diversity and empower people living with disabilities, the college principal, Adam Luthuli, has said. Addressing guests and 422 graduates at the college’s 47th graduation ceremony on Friday, Luthuli said the college was now offering six languages including ChiShona, IsiNdebele and Sign language

“We make a deliberate effort to make sure that diverse students — those with disabilities, different languages and cultures, different homes and family lives, different interests and ways of learning — are exposed to teacher education. “In our teaching, we use strategies that reach them as individuals. In terms of catering for different languages and cultures, we’ve on offer IsiNdebele, ChiShona, English, TjiKalanga, Tonga and of course our niche ‘Sign Language’. “I believe we’re one of the few colleges who can boast of offering six languages at this level,” said Luthuli.

There has been an outcry over the failure to recognise minority languages in the country and the failure by certain sections of society to recognise and accommodate children or people living with disabilities. In the Matabeleland region, parents have complained about the deployment of non-Ndebele teachers to their schools.


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